Please Amazon, make gifting easier!

We need a tool that never forgets an important date, always knows a mailing address, and allows us to add a personalized touch so that every gift feels special.

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I'm not going to lose faith in humanity.

Through an awareness campaign I learned a hard truth. When it comes to getting your users to act, getting something is greater of an incentive than giving something.

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The Beauty in Tactility

Ever since the dawn OS7, designers have turned their back on tactile design in favor of flat, one color shapes. Yet there is so much beauty in dimensional art, as exemplified in one of our recent projects.

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Purpose Before Product

2014 Trend: Being purpose-driven gives focus to innovation, makes your brand more charismatic, and gives your employees a rallying cry.

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Prediction Averts Frustration

2014 Trend: Consumers are willing to hand over more of their data if the outcome is a more personalized, meaningful experience. Data is what drives innovative customer satisfaction.

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Access Trumps Ownership

2014 Trend: Distribution and purchase points have evolved as consumers continue to embrace new usage-based relationships with brands, services, and each other.

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Function Over Aspiration

2014 Trend: As personal transportation options have diversified, both consumers and brands have adopted a more customized, on-demand approach to mobility.

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Unifying a Luxury Brand

In 2009, Air East Airways partnered with Pandiscio Co to rebrand their family airline company and translate it to their many different product offerings. A few key rebranding lessons surfaced through the process.

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